How We Help.

Grocerease is a software platform that is installed and customized for retailers.

We solved all of the problems associated with bringing a store with tens or even hundreds of thousands of SKUs online with ordering for delivery or pickup on site. It automatically updates daily product inventory and connects to POS systems. Easy ordering online enables powerful promotions by making it easy to order promoted items right from their home or office.

Using the Grocerease platform you will:



Build Loyalty

  • Differentiate based on something more meaningful and enduring than price
  • Offer a level of convenience that less nimble competitors are unable to match
  • Create a more personal connection between your customers and your staff by letting customers know who is picking their orders
  • Personalize discounts, offers, and/or loyalty benefits based on basket size and individual customer value

Increase Revenues

  • Offer a quality, convenience-based, service in addition to your quality products
  • Apply your understanding of the individual customer and their cart to present relevant complementary items
  • Direct shopper attention to specials and higher margin items

Manage Costs

  • Leverage existing store infrastructure and inventory to create a new distribution channel at no increased cost
  • Optimize utilization of employees by reducing staff idle time and equipping staff to engage in value-added activities for the customer
  • Reduce staffing costs by smoothing out daily peak-trough cycles and increasing customer throughput
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